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Best app for medical lectures

Best app for medical lectures


Xoom Academy is the best app for medical lectures and a unique platform for medical students and young doctors. You can access recorded lectures anytime, anywhere from world renowned medical instructors who are experts in their respective fields

All medical subjects in one app

Xoom Academy is a medical education app that has all the medical subjects in one app. This means that you don't have to go through a lot of pain when trying to learn different topics from different subjects. Xoom Academy also comes with live interactive classes, high yield notes and quizzes, so you won't even have to worry about studying alone.

World renowned medical instructors

  • Xoom Academy instructors are world renowned in their subjects with excellent academic background and years of teaching experience. They have postgraduate education and training background from the best medical institutions and hospitals. They are experts in their fields, who can explain complicated topics in a simple way so that anyone can understand them easily.

Recorded Medical lectures in Xoom Academy app

Xoom Academy is a medical education app that provides recorded lectures in all medical subjects. The app has been developed by doctors, who have years of experience teaching students from all over the world. Recorded video lectures are available on Android and IOS mobile phone and tablets

Live interactive sessions in Xoom Academy app

  • Not only recorded video lectures but Xoom Academy also offers live interactive sessions in app

  • Ask questions and get them answered and explained in live interactive classes

  • Watch recorded video lectures in Xoom Academy app and clear all your doubts in live interactive classes

Get access to high yield notes for all medical subjects

The Xoom Academy app is a great way to access high-yield notes for all of your medical subjects. This is a great way to revise your knowledge in a short time

Mock exams with real exam questions

Mock exams are a great way to test your knowledge, get prepared for the real exam and identify your weak areas. You can use mock exams as a form of practice. It's like taking a test but in a format that allows you to learn more about the material being tested on rather than memorizing it word-for-word or regurgitating facts from memory alone. Mock exams allow you to focus on what skills are most important for success in medical school or licensing exam - so if there's something specific that needs work, then by identifying which areas need improvement first will help set goals for yourself during this stage of preparation!

Xoom Academy Medical lectures are awesome

You will love this app.

It’s the best app for medical lectures and it is great for medical students and young doctors. The videos are short and easy to understand, so you can watch them at any time of day when you have some spare time on your hands. You'll find yourself learning so much more than just what's written in the textbooks!


Xoom Academy app is the best choice for medical lectures. With the help of Xoom Academy application, you can easily access all your medical subjects and get access high yield notes. In live interactive classes you can ask questions to the instructor and get answers. In addition to this, there are high yield notes and mock exams with real exam questions so that you can prepare well before appearing in exam.